Generating an attendance report


  1. Log in to Google Calendar.

  2. Open the add-on and click the Attendance Report.

  3. Select a class to find out the students' attendance. Note that teacher's attendance will not be recorded.

  4. Select a date range by picking dates for Since and Until.

  5. By default, the report is generated for all students in the class. You can exclude certain students by selecting Custom in the Attendees section.

  6. Click Generate Report.

  7. A report is generated in Google Sheets and you will be redirected to the report in a new tab.

    1. Every student's attendance is displayed in detail in separate rows.

    2. The rate column displays students' attendance rate as a percentage, with 100 meaning full attendance.

    3. In the top row, the date and time columns display the dates chosen in the date range, along with the meeting start times.

    4. In the subsequent rows, the date and time columns display students' join time, or "absent" if they did not join.

      If the report doesn't open in a new tab, check that you have enabled browser popups for Google pages.
  8. In Google Sheets, you can choose to download the report in .xlsx (Excel) format.