Scheduling a tracked meeting


  1. Login to Google Calendar.

  2. Select Attendance Taker from the sidebar on the right.

  3. Select Schedule Meeting.

  4. Enter a title and a description for the meeting.

  5. Set the time and date of the meeting. You can use the use the date/time pickers, or you can directly key in dates and times.

  6. By default, all students in the class are selected.

    You can optionally include only certain students by selecting Customize in the Attendees section.

  7. Select the video conferencing application that you prefer: Google Meet or Other applications.

    If you choose Other applications, you will need to generate the meeting URL from the video conference application and paste the URL.

  8. Send out the invite by clicking the Schedule button at the footer.

  9. You will see the following confirmation screen and you will receive a meeting invitation. 

    You can also share the event details in the classroom stream by clicking on Announce to Classroom Stream.