Tracking students' access to online resources

Attendance Taker for Classroom can do more than just take attendance. It can also track students' viewing of many kinds of other online resources such as websites, articles and videos. In fact, you can track the access to just about any resource, as long as it has a URL.


  1. Log in to Google Calendar.

  2. Click on Attendance Taker on the sidebar on the right.

  3. Click on Schedule Meeting.

  4. Enter a title and a description. This is not actually a meeting so you can provide instructions such as, "This PDF is required reading for Mrs. Brown's History class.  You must read it before the next class on Thursday."

  5. Set the time and date for the "meeting", In this case, set a much later time for End Time so that students can access the resource at any time during the day.

  6. By default, all students in the class are selected.

    You can optionally include only certain students by selecting Customize in the Attendees section.

  7. In the video conferencing application section, select Other applications (not Google Meet), then paste the URL for the  online resource in the URL field.

  8. Send out the invite to students by clicking the Schedule button at the footer.

  9. By using this trick, you can track students' access to online resources just like attendance. Once they sign in to join the calendar event, they will be redirected to the resource destination.

    You can retrieve the attendance report by following this guide.