Giving Box Access to Confluence


Before the Box connector can be used, a user must give Box access to Confluence to allow it to access their Box files.

Follow these simple steps to allow Box to give Confluence access to your files so you can start sharing them with other Confluence users.

(info) If you are a Box administrator and would like to whitelist the connector access, you may need an App ID:



Once a Confluence administrator has installed the Connector for Box and Confluence, each user must configure their own account for Box access.

Step-by-Step Guide

To authorize Box access to Confluence, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the User Profile menu > Box Storage.

Step 2: A message stating you are not authorized with Box will appear. Click Authorize.

Step 3: The Box Log In menu will appear. Key in your Box credentials.

Step 4: After successfully keying in your Box credentials, a message will appear asking you to confirm granting access to Box. Click Grant access to Box.


Congratulations! You have successfully given Confluence access to Box using our connector.

Your screen should now look like this: