How to obtain an image URL from Confluence that will not become invalid


The image fails to display in a Showcase macro after a few hours because the image(URL) used becomes invalid. How do I prevent this? 


  • Confluence Cloud


The image URL that is inserted in the Showcase macro contains a token that expires after a certain period of time.


  1. In the page with the attachments, click on the More Actions button and click on Attachments

  2. Right-click on the attachment image you want to use, then click Copy link address (you will be pasting this URL later).

    Do not open the image URL in a new tab, this image URL will include a token that expires after awhile. 

  3. Click on View Page to return back, click on pencil icon to Edit the page. 
  4. Insert the Showcase macro and fill in the fields. 
  5. In the Image URL field, paste the URL which you copied earlier. Then, click on the Save button to save changes. 

  6. Click on Update or Publish to publish the page and view the image.