What does Dual Licensing mean?

Add-on:Composition Tabs for Confluence
Question:What does Dual Licensing mean?

The Dual Licensing feature has been implemented since the following versions of Composition were released:

  • Composition 3.3.0 (Confluence 5.3 - 5.8)
  • Composition (Confluence 5.0 - 5.2.3)
  • Composition (Confluence 4.1.7 - 4.3.7)

With these versions, you may choose to continue using your ServiceRocket license or you may also purchase an Atlassian Marketplace license instead.

If you have an existing valid ServiceRocket license and want to switch to an Atlassian Marketplace license, you need to uninstall the ServiceRocket license first.

Likewise, if you have an Atlassian Marketplace license and want to switch to a ServiceRocket license, you will need to uninstall the Atlassian Marketplace license as well.