Creates a cloaked section which can be toggled between being visible and hidden. This macro is usually used in coordination with a  Toggle Cloak  macro.

To customize how the cloaked text looks, use with  Composition Setup  to set various options such as toggle type, toggle zone, whether a cloak is opened or closed by default and other settings.

(warning) This macro is currently not available on Cloud.

Macros will be migrated along with the page, and no data will be lost after migration. On Cloud, the macros will not function, but the contents are shown in both View mode and Edit mode. In Edit mode, they will also be marked as (Legacy). More details are available on the [Draft] Migration of Security & Encryption Confluence from Server to Cloud is currently not supported but we can help....


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription
Server, Data Center
The unique ID of the cloaked section.
An id of @auto will generate an ID automatically.
Server, Data Center
If enabled, the section will be visible initially.

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