Creating a Showcase with Composition Cloud

The Showcase macro puts your page items under a spotlight with paper-like cards. You can use it to create categories, pin-ups, menus and highlights.




  1. Either search and select Showcase from the macro browser, or use the keyboard shortcut ( "/" for new editor or "{" for old editor).

  2. When the Insert Showcase Macro window appears, fill in any relevant details in the following fields:
    1. Title - The title that will appear on your Showcase
    2. Description - The description text that will appear on your Showcase
    3. Image - The URL of the image you want in the Showcase
    4. Emoji - If you prefer, you can use an emoji instead of an image for your Showcase
    5. Button Text - The text that will appear on the button of the Showcase
    6. Destination - The page that will load when a user clicks the button of the Showcase
    7. Badge - Choose to include a string of text as a status badge that will be displayed on the top right corner of the Showcase. You may also choose from one of 6 colors for the badge.

  3. After clicking insert, you will see the Showcase preview in the Confluence editor: