Creating Cloaked Content

Creating cloaked content for your pages is easy and only requires two simple macro commands.

Cloaking your content is useful for when you want the reader to view only relevant points of information at once. If the reader wants to know more about a certain point, they can click on the point to reveal more information.

The content will then roll open and be displayed just like an unfolding window-blind.


Server, Data Center


To set up cloaked content, follow these instructions:

  1. Type {toggle-cloak} to create a Toggle Cloak macro.
  2. A preview panel will appear.
    Click Insert.
  3. On the same line, type in the text or sentence that you want to appear as a toggle for the cloaked text.
    For this example, let's type in "Cloaking Text is Fun!"
  4. On the next line, type {cloak} to create a Cloak macro.
  5. A preview panel will appear.
    Click Insert.
  6. In the Cloak macro that appears, insert the content that you wish to appear when the cloaked text is toggled.
    For this example, let's type in "It sure is!"


Cloaking Text is Fun!