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    This documentation relates to an older version of the Composition Plugin for Confluence (3.x and below)
    If you are using a later version of Confluence please refer to the documentation for the latest Composition Plugin

    This plugin contains macros which allow finer control over the layout (or composition) of a page, including tabbed layout via the Deck and Card macros, and hiding content via the Cloak macro.


    Version 3 of the Composition Plugin has been released for Confluence 4.0/4.1 and has now graduated to being a commercial plugin. You can download the plugin from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange and grab an evalulation license and view pricing details from the Composition page on the CustomWare Webstore. We're also putting together a new documentation space that will contain a level of documentation in line with the new commercial status of the plugin.

    Older versions of the plugin for Confluence 3.x and below will remain free and community supported.

    Refer to Examples on how to use this plugin.


    Bugs & Feature Requests

    Bug reports and feature requests are available in JIRA.

    Release History

    You can view the full release history here.

    There are video tutorials available, demonstrating key features of using this plugin.


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    Note: By downloading the product below, you agree to CustomWare's product license agreement.

    For information on installing the plugins once you've downloaded them, see these [instructions|Installing Commercial Confluence Plugins]. For plugins compatible with pre-Confluence 4.x see these [instructions|Installation Instructions].

    Confluence 4.0+

    Confluence 4.0+

    Confluence 3.x

    Confluence 2.3+

    Confluence 2.2

    Confluence 2.0/2.1

    Confluence 1.4

    Confluence 1.3