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    This plug-in contains macros for linking to templates, the dashboard and other Confluence features.


    For latest version (3.0.x) that works with Confluence 4.x, please refer here Linking 3.x


    Version 2.2.0 and beyond may only be installed by uploading - installing into WEB-INF/lib will not work. The recommended method is to use the Plugin Repository

    Bugs & Feature Requests

    Bug reports and feature requests are available in JIRA.

    Release History

    You can view the full release history here.

    Note: By downloading the product below, you agree to CustomWare's product license agreement.

    For information on installing the plugins once you've downloaded them, see these [instructions|Installation Instructions].

    Confluence 4.0+

    Confluence 3.0+

    Confluence 2.10

    Confluence 2.8+

    Confluence 2.7

    Confluence 2.3-2.6

    Confluence 2.2.1a+

    Confluence 1.4/2.0/2.1

    Confluence 1.3