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Suppliers are services provided by various plugins which provide information about particular content. This is made particular use of by the Reporting Plugin, which uses suppliers to generate the content of the reports displayed. This is done by using supplier keychains in macros such as report-info, as well as with parameter injection in macros like link-page and date-filter.

Available Suppliers

Attachment SupplierattachmentReporting Plugin
Body SupplierbodyReporting Plugin
Boolean SupplierbooleanReporting Plugin
Child Counter Supplierchild-counterLinking Plugin
Class SupplierclassReporting Plugin
Collection SuppliercollectionReporting Plugin
Comment SuppliercommentReporting Plugin
Content SuppliercontentReporting Plugin
Date SupplierdateReporting Plugin
Debug SupplierdebugReporting Plugin
Email SupplieremailReporting Plugin
Expanded SupplierexpandedReporting Plugin
Global SupplierglobalReporting Plugin
Grouped SuppliergroupedReporting Plugin
Label SupplierlabelReporting Plugin
Link SupplierlinkReporting Plugin
Mail SuppliermailReporting Plugin
Map Entry SupplierentryReporting Plugin
Map SuppliermapReporting Plugin
Match SuppliermatchReporting Plugin
News Suppliernews/blogpostReporting Plugin
Number SuppliernumberReporting Plugin
Object SupplierobjectReporting Plugin
Page SupplierpageReporting Plugin
Query SupplierqueryReporting Plugin
Reference SupplierreferenceScaffolding Plugin
Report SupplierreportReporting Plugin
Request SupplierrequestReporting Plugin
Scaffold Data SupplierdataScaffolding Plugin
Session SuppliersessionReporting Plugin
Space SupplierspaceReporting Plugin
Stats On Supplierstats-onReporting Plugin
Stats SupplierstatsReporting Plugin
Task SuppliertaskTasklist Suppliers Plugin
Tasklist SuppliertasklistTasklist Suppliers Plugin
Text SuppliertextReporting Plugin
Tracking Data SuppliertrackTracking Plugin
User Group Supplieruser-groupReporting Plugin
User SupplieruserReporting Plugin
Value SuppliervalueReporting Plugin
Variable SuppliervariableReporting Plugin

Providing your own Suppliers

The Supplier architecture has been designed to allow 3rd-party plugins to provide their own supplier implementations. This can be advantageous for both users and plugin developers for many reasons, including the following:

  • Teach me Once: Consistent method for accessing and displaying data across plugins.
  • Don't Reinvent the Wheel: Enables use of existing plugins (such as the Reporting Plugin and Linking Plugin) while accessing new data sources.

For more information on how to provide or make use of suppliers in your own plugin, check out the Confluence Supplier Library documentation.

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