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    This plugin is no longer maintained by CustomWare. For the current version which is maintained by Atlassian, please visit the Plugin Exchange.

    This macro generates a Table of Contents for the current page based on its headings.



    Bugs & Feature Requests

    Bug reports and feature requests are available in JIRA.

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    more info...

    The examples are based on a page with the following basic content:

    h1. Level 1
    h2. Level 1.1
    h3. Level 1.1.1
    h2. Level 1.2
    h3. Level 1.2.1
    h1. Level 2
    h2. Level 2.1


    Error rendering macro 'repeating-data' : Scaffolding data fields must have a name.

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    Confluence 2.3+

    Confluence 1.4/2.0/2.1/2.2

    Confluence 1.3