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    This plug-in contains classes and utility objects useful to macro builders.




    This plugin has been officially decommissioned. It is provided here for older versions of plugins which work on older versions of Confluence. New versions of plugins do not require this plugin, and no further development will be made on the Utilities Plugin.

    Since this plugin doesn't contain any concrete macros, it will usually be a 'required plug-in' for other plug-ins, but won't be used directly by regular Confluence visitors. It also provides some backwards-compatibility between Confluence 1.4, 2.0 and 2.1/2.2.

    Read This Note!

    The Utilities Plugin is somewhat different to the other plugins on this site and must be installed in a specific way, or your plugins will not work. There are two main steps you must take:

    1. Download the correct version of the plugin. There is a different version of the Utilities Plugin for #Confluence 1.4, #Confluence 2.0 and #Confluence 2.1/2.2. The filenames will be 'utilities-plugin-1.4.x.jar', 'utilities-plugin-2.0.x.jar' and 'utilities-2.1.x.jar', respectively.
    2. Install the file into WEB-INF\lib. The Utilities Plugin does not work when uploaded through the Confluence Administration console.

    Bugs & Feature Requests

    Bug reports and feature requests are available in JIRA.

    This plugin does not have any macros.

    Note: By downloading the product below, you agree to CustomWare's product license agreement.

    As well as providing some common classes for plugins, this library also provides some basic cross-compatibility between Confluence 1.4, 2.0 and 2.1. As such, you need to choose the install version for your version of Confluence. The latest version of both the 1.4.x, 2.0.x and 2.1.x branches should be functionally equivalent. {note:title=Note}The file name for the plugins has changed! Previously, the pattern was *plugins-utilities-X.X.jar*. The new pattern is *utilities-plugin-X.X.X.jar*. When installing plugins, ensure any older plugins have been removed.{note} {note:title=Note}Because this plugin contains classes and services used by other plugins, it *must* be installed by putting the plugin 'jar' file into the {{WEB-INF/lib}} directory of your Confluence web application.{note}

    Confluence 1.4

    Confluence 2.0

    Confluence 2.1/2.2