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Manage your favorite CRM with Confluence.

Your business users collaborate in Confluence. Your customer information lives in

The ServiceRocket Connector for and Confluence lets business users view up-to-date objects and data without leaving Confluence. As a result, business users have easy access to the information they need without having to navigate to another system.

Check out what this connector offers you:

  • Immediate savings for read-only needs.
  • Use the Tutorial without making a single change.
  • Track all customer activities on one page
  • Hate needing to log into You won't need to when you're already logged into Confluence.
  • Store and present any kind of data, not just data.
  • Use the page title to determine the kind of data to pull.

Learn How To:

Display a Contact Card

Display an Account Card

Display Entities in a Table Format

Display a List of Unclosed Cases

Display Salesforce Accounts Matching a String

Display Unclosed Cases as Cards

Display Accounts Matching a String Using SOQL

Admin: Configure the Connector

Some macros in this add-on requires the Reporting add-on as well as a valid license for Reporting.

To obtain licenses, visit the following pages:

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