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This guide walks you through the process of configuring Connector Custom Fields, which is necessary if you intend to use Remote Object Links.

Automatically Created Custom Field

When a mapping is created, an accompanying read-only custom field of type "Remote System Reference" is automatically created for you to display the information from Salesforce in the JIRA issues. The administrator might wish to configure the field as for other custom fields. (View the JIRA documentation at

Please note the following defaults for these fields:

  • Globally available for all issues.
  • Are automatically added to the default Field Configuration (see:
  • Their field templates are empty, although there is a default view that displays a link back to the Salesforce object.
  • They are not associated with any screens.

The administrator may want to add a field template and will need to associate the field with at least one screen.

An example of some automatically created Salesforce custom fields is shown below in a view from the standard Custom Fields page in Administration:


Remote Linking Custom Fields

The connector provides two other custom fields that can be added by an administrator to JIRA issues:

  • Remote Object Link
  • Multi Remote Object Link

These fields allow a JIRA issue to link to more objects in Salesforce than the automatically added custom field.

For example, you might want to also add to a JIRA issue, which is linked to a Salesforce Case, links to related Contacts in Salesforce. The multi field allows you to add more than one link.

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Adding New Custom Fields

You won't need to add the Remote System Reference fields as they are automatically created as mentioned in the introduction.

If you wish you can add the Remote Object linking fields with the following steps:

  1. Go to  Cog Icon  > Issues.
  2. In the sidebar, under Fields, click Custom Fields.
  3. Click on the Add Custom Field link near the top.

  4. The Select a Field Type dialog box will appear.
    Click Advanced.

  5. Choose the field you want to create, either Remote Object Link or Multi Object Link and click Next.

  6. Type in a Name and Description for your new field.
    Then click Create. and associate it with issue types and projects before clicking Finish.
  7. You are now asked to associate the field you just created to screens.
    Choose the screen you want to associate the field with and click Update.

  8. You will now need to specify which Salesforce object you want the field to link to.
    Find your new field's listing and on the far right, click the Small Cog Icon > Configure:

  9. At the screen for the Default Configuration Scheme for your field, click the Edit Configurations link next to Configurations.

  10. On the Edit Display Template screen, choose the Remote System and Remote Object you want linked to the custom field.
    Then click Submit.
  11. You can now start adding a Remote Object Link.

Please see Modifying Display Templates for information on how to customize the display templates of the custom fields.


What's Next?

Proceed to the next step: Adding a Remote Object Link.


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