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This feature is no longer supported.

If you still require migration services, please contact our Support Engineers.


This page outlines the steps to migrate to the New Connector if you missed the migration window. As Atlassian has removed the P2 Connector from JIRA Cloud, some extra steps are required in order to migrate the P2 Connector data to the New Connector.

At the end of the steps, you will have:

  • Created a site backup of your JIRA Cloud instance.
  • Set up a temporary local JIRA Server instance and restored the site backup to the instance. 
  • Produced an export file of the P2 connector and imported it into your JIRA Cloud instance.

These steps may take a few hours to complete.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. In JIRA Cloud, produce a site backup:

    1. Visit System > Import and Export > Backup Manager.
    2. Ensure Backup additional files (including attachments, avatars and logos) is unticked. 
    3. Click on Create Backup for Server.

  2. Download the JIRA backup file.
    When prompted to authenticate, enter your JIRA Cloud credentials.

  3. Download the latest JIRA Server binary matching the applications you have in JIRA Cloud (e.g. JIRA Core, JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk) from Atlassian's download page.

  4. Install a JIRA Server instance by following Atlassian's installation guide

    • If prompted for a JIRA Server license during installation, you can generate an evaluation license from
    • As this instance is only temporary, there is no need to set up JIRA Server with an external database.

  5. Once installed, restore the JIRA backup from step 3 via System > Import and Export > Restore System.
    Follow the instructions on the page.

    • If prompted for a JIRA Server license, you can use license from step 5 (a).
    • If restore is successful, you can log in to the instance using the following credentials: 

      Username: sysadmin
      Password: sysadmin

  6. Install the P2 Connector.
    Visit the Add-ons > Manage add-ons.
    Click on Upload add-on to upload P2 Connector's JAR file retrieved from here.

  7. Produce an export of the P2 Connector:

    1. In the Add-ons administration page, click Export from the Cloud Connectors section.
    2. On the Data migration page, ensure '' is selected.
    3. Click Export. A process will be initiated in the background to produce the export. Click the refresh icon to fetch the latest status.

    Note that it may take a few seconds (or up to a few minutes, depending on the size of your instance) to complete. If successful, you should see a table like below:

  8. Click Download. Save the zip file for the the next step.

  9. Switching to JIRA Cloud, import the zip file to the Cloud Connector.
    Follow the steps in Step 3 - Importing to the New Connector.

  10. Configure Salesforce features.
    Follow the steps in Step 4 - Configuring Salesforce.

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