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This is part of the "non-synchronization" stack that is available for JIRA 4.3 and higher. This allows you to create "Custom Fields" which are used to associate a JIRA issue with any object. This can either be a 1 to 1 (using the Remote Object Link custom field) or a 1 to many configuration (using the Multi Remote Object Link custom field).

Using this method, you are still able to see the various attributes of the object (configurable to display various fields of the object), however you will not be able to update the fields of the linked object from within JIRA (you will have to log into to do this). In a way, it is only a read-only method from JIRA.

  • Uses less API calls (as it does not need to update the object, only retrieve information from it).
  • Allows 1 to 1 or 1 to many object links.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Remote System Reference to be automatically set and updated.
  • Can link a JIRA issue with multiple object types.

  • The data will not be available in JIRA when is unavailable (e.g., for scheduled maintenance).
  • The information can only be updated in the respective system (e.g., you can only update the Case from within and can only update the issue from within JIRA).

You should use this if you would like to link many records to a single JIRA issue where the user in JIRA does not need to update the object (and vice versa, the user does not need to update the JIRA issue).

For example, you could use Remote Object Link to associate several Salesforce Account records to one JIRA issue.

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