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This is a simplified version of the Remote Object Link option and is only available for JIRA 5.0 and later. Like the Remote Object Link, it provides a read-only view of linked objects and supports many to many associations. Unlike the Remote Object Link, it is very simple to configure (this method only requires the Connection to be configured) and it stores some of the information from the object so that it is still accessible if Salesforce is unavailable. For example, Cases will continue to display the Subject field.

  • Configuration is not necessary (if connection is already configured), customization is easy.
  • Some data is still available when is unavailable.
  • Allows 1 to many links to objects.
  • JIRA issue loads faster (as additional information is obtained asynchronously).
  • Can associate a JIRA issue with multiple object types.

  • Cannot update the object from within JIRA.
  • The JIRA issue will not display in the "Related JIRA Issues" view in
  • Cannot search from within JIRA issue navigator.

You should use this to associate many objects with a single JIRA issue when you do not have complex rules around the data in JIRA and do not need to see the related JIRA issues from within

For example, you could use Remote Issue Links for when you just need to add one or more links to objects in a JIRA issue.

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The following documentation is valid for JIRA 5.x and Salesforce-JIRA Connector 5.1+.

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