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Attachments synchronization from Salesforce to JIRA has been implemented since version 5.2.0 and has been back ported as well to support the supported JIRA 4.X versions.

When a Salesforce Object, for instance a Case, contains an attachment, a hyperlink will be provided which is the actual link of the attachment to Attachments on an Associated JIRA Issue

Salesforce attachments can be seen on a new tab provided on a JIRA Issue that has been associated with a Salesforce Object.

In the example below, a Case contains a couple of attachments.

Once this Case is associated with an Issue, the attachments will be available under a new tab we created under the Activity section with the tab title Remote Attachments.

Clicking on the link will forward a request to pull data from Salesforce to the user session (not to be stored into JIRA).

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