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Sharing tickets is the process by which Zendesk allows tickets to be shared with other help desks or applications. More details on sharing tickets can be found here at Zendesk.

In order for Zendesk to share tickets with JIRA the two steps below should be completed.

Setup Ticket Sharing Agreement in Zendesk

Zendesk creates new issues and synchronizes comments with JIRA using the same method that allows sharing of tickets between Zendesk accounts. You will be able to setup a ticket sharing agreement between Zendesk and your hosted or on-premise JIRA server. The steps to setup ticket sharing is detailed below -

  1. As an administrator in Zendesk, navigate under the SETTINGS menu, click on TICKETS. In the Tickets page click on the Ticket Sharing tab.
  2. On the Ticket Sharing tab, a section for existing Sending agreements is listed. To add a new Ticket Sharing Agreement, click on the add sharing invite link.
  3. Clicking on the link above will display the New Sharing Invite popup. Since JIRA is an external system that will connect to Zendesk, click on the invite an application outside of Zendesk link.
  4. The popup will change into Create a new agreement popup where depending on the possible remote systems Zendesk can connect to a series of images will be displayed. Click on the Atlassian JIRA logo.
  5. Fill in the details of the JIRA server to send the agreement to:
  • JIRA server URL: e.g.
  • Comment and status permissions: Decide if you'd like to allow JIRA users to make public/private comments and sync status between the JIRA issue and the Zendesk ticket.
  • Tag synchronisation: Decide if you would like to sync Zendesk tags with JIRA issue labels.

Accept Sharing Agreement and Configure Mapping JIRA

Follow the steps below to Accept the sharing agreement in JIRA

  1. Login to JIRA 4.4 as an administrator and navigate to Administration > Plugins > Cloud Connectors > Connections .
  2. Click on the Ticket Sharing link on your connections as shown above.
  3. Find the ticket sharing agreement request corresponding to your Zendesk account, and click Accept.
  4. You are ready to share the first ticket between JIRA and Zendesk.
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