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This page guides you through the process of sharing tickets between Zendesk and JIRA.

How to Share Tickets

Now that ticket sharing has been setup between Zendesk and JIRA, Zendesk agents can share tickets as new JIRA issues.

  1. Go to any ticket that you would like to share with JIRA and select share in the ticket header.
  2. Select the JIRA sharing agreement from the Share dropdown. Tickets can be shared when they are created by selecting the Share
  3. An pop-up appears, select the Project and Issue Type
  4. Update your ticket as needed, and click Submit.
  5. Submitting the ticket will share the ticket information with JIRA
    1. The Zendesk ticket header will indicate that the ticket has been shared with JIRA.
    2. A sidebar widget will also indicate the shared JIRA issue ID, resolution and current assignee.
  6. The new JIRA issue will show all comments from the ticket as well as the subject and original description

Syncing Comments and Status

By default, any comments you make on the JIRA issue will be automatically synced to the shared Zendesk ticket as a public or private comment.

  1. The following JIRA issue comment:
  2. Becomes synced to Zendesk and retains the author name:

    * Furthermore, selecting any resolution in JIRA will solve the Zendesk ticket. For example, in the screen below the issue is closed with a comment.
  • In Zendesk the ticket's status is updated and the closing comment is also synchronized.
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