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Get Satisfaction for JIRA

Get Satisfaction for Atlassian JIRA provides extensive capabilities for integrating the JIRA issue and project tracking solution. With it you will be able to create issues as a result of topics that are submitted in your customer community, as well as track idea submissions and sync status updates from either system into the other.

Specifically, you can:

  • Create a new JIRA issue from a Get Satisfaction topic
  • Reply to a topic in Get Satisfaction from directly within JIRA
  • Automatically route new JIRA issues to the most appropriate JIRA project based on the product tagging in Get Satisfaction
  • Automatically update the status of the Get Satisfaction topic when the resolution status of the JIRA issue changes
  • View JIRA issue status from directly within Get Satisfaction

If you have were using our previous beta version, please see here for the installation and usage guides. The documentation in this space is targeted for a new version and is not made public yet.

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