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As a Confluence administrator, you may want a dashboard where you can see all activity that happens on your instance in one convenient location. Confluence provides a dashboard but what if you needed something with a little more power? Something that shows more information, and customized to your preferences?

This use case shows you how to build an all-in-one complete one-stop solution using Reporting, Scaffolding, and Linking.


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Part 1 - Building a Quick View Panel

Build a Quick View Panel to instantly view how many pages were edited and created as well as how many comments were made.

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Part 2 - Building the Recently Modified View Panel

Next, build a Recently Modified View Panel. This will allow an admin immediate access to pages on the Confluence instance that were modified within the last 24 hours as well as show other relevant info about the pages.

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Part 3 - Building the Recently Created View Panel

Now that we have both a Quick View Panel and a Recently Modified View Panel, let's create a panel for recently created pages as well.

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Part 4 - Building the Quick Links to Space Templates Panel

Our Content Moderator dashboard is really shaping up now! To complete the look, let's add an array of quick links so that you can have quick access to every space's templates on the Confluence instance.

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