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From 20th May 2011 CustomWare will no longer sell Docgen for webMethods. Customers with active support and maintenance will be supported until 20th of May 2012.

DocGen is a documentation generation tool for webMethods 6.x packages. It creates high-quality, consistent, indexed, hyperlinked documentation for all of the major element types used in typical webMethods solutions, including Flow and Java services, Triggers and Document types, and WmUnit test cases!.

Current Release

The current release of DocGen is build 123.

Build 122 introduced improved compatibility with webMethods 7.x while build 123 fixed licensing issue on Solaris 10. Check the release notes for a full list of enhancements and fixes in this and previous releases.

You can download the current release here. Hint: Save it to your IntegrationServer/replicate/inbound directory, then use the normal IS package installation process to install it.

Note, if you are upgrading from a previous release, you will need to remove the old WmDocGen package from your system.

You can view the documentation DocGenUserGuide.pdf here. The documentation is included with the release.

Obtaining a license

You can obtain evaluation licenses for both WmUnit and DocGen through the evaluation request form at DocGen Evaluation Licence page.

Contacting us

You can contact the DocGen team via email to We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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