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What are some guidelines on how to determine dividing up and organising webMethods JDBC Adapter connection pools?


If you have adapter notifications and adapter services then you will need to have two separate connections. Otherwise you may get strange errors about transactions and the like.

Avoid having connection pools shared across different functional areas, even if they are pointing to the same database. Reasons for this are:

  • Tuning the size of the pool becomes quite difficult if you have multiple types of usage of a pool.
  • It is not possible to easily change the database settings for one without impacting on the other.

One approach is to have separate pools for each package (generally; not a hard rule though), since your packages should generally be divided up according to functional area too.

A good strategy: create a different user for each functional area, even if you are going to use the same database. That way it can be easier to detect performance problems.

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