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In webMethods 7.x MwS contains some of the functionality previously delivered in Trading Networks Console. This includes, partner profiles, transaction anaylsis, activity logs, public queues etc. This article focuses on how to perform historical trading networks transaction analysis queries and actions using MwS.

This article assumes you can submit data as normal to trading networks and have IS, TN and MwS setup and installed.

You want to start using a web application to trace Trading Networks transactions, to begin, login to MwS and navigate to the monitoring home page. This page contains all the monitoring options available in MwS including features provided by Optimize (BAM). For our purposes we are interested in the Trading Networks transaction analysis only so from there, select 'Integration' -> 'B2B' -> 'Transactions'. This screen is the equivalent of the Trading Networks Transaction Analysis screen.

The search facilities are slightly improved in MwS. This includes being able to search by additional fields, as well as multiselects (under advanced). You can also display the generated SQL of your query. The query builder is quite intuitive and includes date/time inputs. Once you run a search the lower section will populate with search results as follows:

The results are selectable and also hyperlinked. Selecting an entry (ticking the checkbox) allows actions to be performed such as resubmission or reprocessing. Partner's are also hyperlinked, clicking the sender or receiver will navigate to the partner profile. Clicking the transaction hyperlink will bring up the Transaction Details such as Activity Log for the document as follows (similar to double clicking an entry in TN):

The activity log should be reminiscent of Trading Networks, the data is basically the same. Further details such as the full activity log message are available using the magnifying glass under the Details column.

There are also additional columns under the Transaction Details such as content, clicking this brings some details of the content. To actually view the content, click the magnifying glass under details:

From here, you can edit the data before resubmission.

All the usual other options are also available including viewing related documents, transaction attributes etc. However there are few other options such as commenting on transactions. This is a very web 2.0 feature and can be very useful for helping support teams or developers collaborate.

The normal Trading Networks Activity Log is also available under the 'Activity Log' tab at the top of the page. This is basically the aggregation of each individual activity log.

As can be seen the MwS monitoring portal should allow for at least feature parity with the old Trading Networks Console transaction analysis.

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