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Unit Testing for webMethods is a unique package designed to help webMethods 4.6 & 6 customers achieve a higher standard of quality and reliability with their webMethods services by allowing them to use automated tools for developing and testing their services. Unit Testing for webMethods is based upon popular industry unit testing techniques and does NOT require developers to write complex Java code or modify the code to be tested.

Unit Testing for webMethods improves the quality and robustness of your integration.


Current Downloads

Certifying Unit Testing on webMethods 7.x and above would incur significant cost that would be passed to customers in increased license prices. We decided not to certify the software on webMethods 7.x and above and have it available for lower cost instead.

However, we tested Unit Testing on webMethods 8.0 and confirmed that it is working properly. We also have a number of reports showing that Unit Testing 6.4 is working properly with webMethods 7.x and we will continue supporting it on webMethods 6.x, 7.x and 8.x.

Core Package

Test Packages

  • Unit Testing Tests 6.4.0 ( download)
  • Unit Testing Public Tests 6.4.0 ( download)

Previous Versions

Core Package

Test Packages



WmUnit 6_4_0 Released

Available from the WmUnit Repository at

What's new in this release?

New concept of "Test Group" which is a set of packages and test services which are to be executed as a whole.
UI enhancements, new assert services, configuration ability and test coverage metrics.

New Features

  • Test Groups functionality
  • Allow all the WmUnit UI to be accessible for Developer users
  • Configurable "test package list" parameters (e.g. white/blacklist of words)
  • Configuration section in webUI
  • Upload licence key facility
  • Test coverage for packages
  • Documentation page with links to the repository
  • New assert services:
    • assertFileContainsString service
    • assertFileDoesNotExist service
  • accumulateError service
  • assert accumulator services:
    • assertEquals
    • assertListsEqual
    • assertStringContains
    • assertFileContainsString
    • assertInvokeFailed
  • Store the username of the test runner with the history


  • Improve web UI look and feel
  • Navigation quick links with explanation on about page
  • More graceful and informative error handling of invalid licences
  • No frames or simple browser navigation

Any feedback or comments on this release, please email

Content Update

New in the WmUnit Space:

Tidied up a bit of content recently, removed the discussion area.
We've now got a community of 380 users accessing the WmUnit and WmFAQ knowledge bases.

As always, any feedback welcome.

Added a new WmUnitPattern WmUnitPattern - Execute Assert Wrapper a refactoring of existing code that I've been finding common.

This and the other WmUnitPatterns can be found here:


CustomWare is sponsoring the webMethods BIF ( in both Sydney and Singapore - come and see us!

200 Members and growing

The online community for the CustomWare repository is still growing and has now surpassed 200 users!
It's extremely satisfying to see the number of interested people continuing to make use of this public resource for webMethods and WmUnit related material.

As always we welcome feedback and participation: for any WmUnit related feedback and queries.

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