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If you have a wiki in your workplace, or you are thinking about setting one up, then this book is for you. It offers a logical path for the successful deployment of wiki technology in your organisation with the goal of improving your business.

The book is a wiki and it is licensed under a Creative Commons license, which means you can read, edit and reuse it for free. The site uses the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, which is basically the same as the one used by Wikipedia.


Chapter 01 - Introduction
Chapter 02 - What is a Wiki
Chapter 03 - Uses of a wiki
Chapter 04 - Getting Started
Chapter 05 - Navigating the wiki
Chapter 06 - Content Structure
Chapter 07 - Wiki Culture
Chapter 08 - Wiki Behaviours
Chapter 09 - Spreading the wiki way
Chapter 10 - Tips and tricks
Appendix A - Wiki Behaviours
Appendix B - Contributors


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