Installation and Configuration


You must be:

  • An admin of the Jira Cloud instance.
  • An admin of Drift.
  • Either a technical contact or billing contact of the Jira Cloud instance. To verify, login to MyAtlassian and ensure the Jira Cloud instance appears in the Licenses page.

Step 1: Installing the Connector App on Jira Cloud

  1. Log in to Jira Cloud.

  2. Click on the Jira icon in the top left (, or Jira Settings > Apps Find new apps.

  3. Locate Drift & Jira Cloud Connector.

  4. Click Get it now to download and install your add-on.

Step 2: Installing the Connector App on Drift

  1. Log in to Drift.

  2. Click on the settings icon App Settings > Integrations.

  3. Locate Drift & Jira Cloud Connector.

  4. You DO NOT need to click Connect > Authorize app. The authorization initiates from Jira, see next step.

Step 3: Setting up a Connection to Drift

  1. Go to the Cog Icon  in the bottom left > Apps.

  2. Under Drift Integration, click Manage connections.

  3. At the Drift Connections screen, click +Add Connection.

  4. The Create connection dialog window will pop up.
    Enter a Connection Name, then click Create connection.

  5. The connection will be added to the Connection Name list but you'll notice it is Not Authorized
    Click Authorize.

  6. If you're not logged into Drift, the browser will load a new page and prompt you to enter your Drift credentials.
    Then you will be asked to authorize the app.

  7. If the authorization was successful, the Status will display Authorized.