Enabling millions of heroes! Our commitment to your success compels us to constantly improve, innovate and deliver apps that meet your needs today and in the future. This page is designed to make it easier for you to stay up-to-date on the latest product releases and technology advancements from your dedicated ServiceRocket team.


Surveys for JSM was recently launched and is now available in the Atlassian Marketplace.

This Jira Cloud app helps measure and improve your ITSM workflow with customizable user satisfaction surveys and review process tools. You can now implement Automated NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSat (Customer Satisfaction), and CES (Customer Effort Score) reporting within JSM. The documentation is available here.


Scaffolding for Confluence Cloud has a number of improvements:

  • Optimizations to reduce initial load times.
  • Removed the "Save" button in Field Settings sidebar, which simplifies saving macro edits with just a single Save button on top right of macro editor.
  • Better error handling during Scaffolding data migration when there is an error with any page.

Composition Tabs for Confluence Cloud has also been improved:

  • When there are are large number of tabs, or when tabs have long titles, the tab titles will now spill over multiple lines instead of being truncated on a single line.
  • Tabs are now rearrangeable just by dragging and dropping.

Connector for Workplace and Jira is now available as a Beta in the Atlassian Marketplace.

This integration app for Jira Cloud allows you to combine Workplace’s sharing of ideas and consensus building with the project execution of Jira, by enabling automatic issue tracking in Workplace Chat. The documentation is available here.


The latest version of Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud supports Secret decryption for Confluence articles viewed from Jira Service Desk, along with a few internal optimizations.


The latest version of Connector for Salesforce and Jira Cloud fixes an issue with some features not working after the Chrome browser auto-updated itself (Chrome 92 in August 2021).


Remember to check out our centralized Migration Hub for all ServiceRocket Jira and Confluence apps. Check out simple guidelines that will help you with your journey to cloud that come in the form of migration path and server to cloud feature differences. Most importantly, visit the Migration Hub as an one point entry to review all our migration offerings.


Version 1.6.1 of Connector for Salesforce & Jira Server is a compatibility update to support Jira 8.18.0. It also fixes a bug where some fields fail to synchronize in Salesforce when there is a transition screen.


Security and Encryption 3.5.17 includes some security patches and internal optimizations.