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Scaffolding For Confluence Cloud has been rolled out with even more requested features: 

  • Various UI enhancements, new toggleable page width option, and a new fullscreen Field Group editor help give you a relaxed feel and intuitive features when interacting with macros.
    • Scaffolding data added via the Edit Content mode is now correctly captured in Confluence's page history. Previously, this was not captured and could result in confusion about changes that were made. This enhancement also allows you to revert to a previous version of the page while keeping changes made using Scaffolding.

    • A popular feature request, Rich Text formatting, has been fulfilled via the Scaffolding field type Paragraph (supports links, colors, and styled fonts, among others).

    • You will now be prompted if there are unsaved changes, to ensure you don't lose any work.
  • Exporting pages that contain Scaffolding Field Group Macros and Live Templates to PDF/Word is now possible. 52 votes satisfied!

Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud introduced secret Owners to allow you, the creator of secrets, easier delegation of Secrets to other new owners. This delegation was intentionally reserved for individual users and not groups, as we are vigilant to the sensitivity of the related information. Go ahead and take that leave today and delegate a new owner to your secret- resting assured productivity remains high!


Confluence server's Deck of Cards and Card macro contents from Composition Tab for Confluence can now be migrated to Confluence cloud as the legacy editor macros Tab Group & Tab. Clicking the "Legacy macro" inline message on top of a Tab Group macro will migrate it to Tabs macro supported by the new editor.

While migration for Showcase macros works out of the box, keep in mind that Deck of Cards & Card can be migrated only after performing the mandatory pre-migration steps like aboveAll other macro data will be retained but ignored for now in Confluence cloud. Which server feature would you like to see in cloud? Take our ongoing survey.


Linking for Confluence cloud has a new sought-out feature. Users can now specify the source page as a template for Add Page and Add Page via Form macros via the Source and Source Type parameter. Other key improvements includes:

  • Automatically incorporating $spaceKey to use the targeted page's Confluence space key as prefix and $spaceName to use the targeted page's Confluence space name as prefix in the page title.
  • Creating a page from a predefined label (specifically for Add Page via Form).
  • Implementing helper text that will guide users to craft page title.

Connector for Salesforce & Jira cloud has fixed the following issues:

  • Multiple fixes for the Reports > Export feature.
  • Association count in downloaded CSV now match the count on report screen.
  • Unmapped Jira issue type can no longer be associated with Salesforce object in Jira. Previously these were associated but did not appear in Salesforce, which has a dependency on issue type.


Connector for Salesforce & Jira has introduced multiple improvements from version 1.3.4 till the latest 1.4.1

  • Performance issues below have been tackled:
    • Assets caching has been introduced to help with page loading performance.
    • Binding page responsiveness has improved even when there are many projects.
    • The introduction of JQL association fine-tuning in the connection configuration page has improved performance in large Jira instances.
  • Feature enhancements:
    • Export feature in Reports page to export All Results.
    • Allow controlling the association behavior of issue with unmapped issue type.
  • Issue fixes:
    • Configuration page of an unauthorized connection remains accessible.
    • Jira worklog event listener produces a more relevant error when there is no author in the request body.

There are significant security updates at Scaffolding Forms & Templates from version 8.24.4 onwards. We strongly recommend updating to this version or newer.

For a list of the latest releases, see version history on Atlassian Marketplace. We've also got fixes for inline comment replies and attachment previews. Stay tuned for Server to Cloud migration capabilities!