Enabling millions of Heroes! Our commitment to your success compels us to constantly improve, innovate and deliver apps that meet your needs today and in the future. This page is designed to make it easier for you to stay up-to-date on the latest product releases and technology advancements from your dedicated ServiceRocket team.

Future Proof Your Data (New Releases)

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The future of the Atlassian ecosystem is Cloud and Data Center apps, which is why our teams have been working hard to bring our most-loved apps to these platforms.  Since all our apps undergo months of due diligence and rigorous testing before release to verify that they will perform reliably, consistently and securely, you can install them with complete confidence.  

Below is a recap of new releases of our apps available for Cloud and Data Center.

Cloud Releases: 


Marking another great addition to our Salesforce domain portfolio, Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Publisher has been officially released as Beta on the Atlassian Marketplace. The app’s main function is to publish Confluence content to Salesforce as Knowledge Articles. This release is tagged as Beta while we work on some product iterations, get your feedback, and work on license requirements.


The latest Cloud version of Composition Tab for Confluence now has showcase macro parameters which are compatible with showcase macro parameters migrated from the Server version.

3The latest Cloud version of Connector for Salesforce & Jira now has support for cascading fields for the “Review & Create” feature, and improved export options when running an association report.

Data Center Releases: 


Our latest releases include Connector for Salesforce and Jira (a.k.a NextGen) - we are ready for you Data Center!


Connector for Google Drive & Confluence for Data Center now supports embedded drives including Google Team Drives, GSuite and Google OAuth.  Easily share attachments and files with full peace of mind that the information is highly secure.


Restore Trust in Accuracy of Your Confluence Pages: A well-structured, clearly written, and organized knowledge base is often the backbone of many enterprise organizations. Page Approval for Confluence for Data Center enables you to quickly and easily simplify the collaborative document management review and approval process.

Focusing on You! (Latest UX Improvements)

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We understand the need to focus on enabling you and your team with highest ease to succeed is crucial. UX areas have become a huge milestone of improvement for us this quarter and allow us to highlight some key deliverables for you here.

Compatibility with latest version of Confluence

In mid-December, Atlassian released Confluence 7.10.0, and we’ve been busy ensuring our Confluence apps are compatible this version. These apps received compatibility updates to work with Confluence 7.10.0:

On the Jira side, Connector for Salesforce & Jira Server is now compatible with Jira 8.14.0.

Usage and Improvement Updates


Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud now has improved secret list page loading and pagination.


Page Approval now has improved PDF export features and improved messaging.

3The latest version of Attendance Taker for Classroom is available with new and better-formatted reports, an in-app tutorial guide, improved report generation reliability and other refinements.

Enabling Millions of Heroes (Enablement related Feature Releases)

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Helping you exceed expectations is at the heart of our innovation. We know that administrators value the ability to get things done quickly, efficiently and seamlessly. So we build solutions to help you do just that.

New Connector for Salesforce & Jira website

A new Connector for Salesforce & Jira website has been launched at https://atlassian.servicerocket.com/connector-salesforce-jira. It will serve as a centralized hub for this connector and will cover its key features and various use cases. You can also check out recorded demos, request for a demo, access live chat, and read blog posts related to the connector.

Feature Release


Scaffolding Forms & Templates’ portfolio of predefined Easy Dynamic Templates are designed to get your teams up and running quickly with the structure and formatting to keep content organized.   

Rather than creating a new page from scratch, content contributors can use one of these templates and be confident they are contributing the right information in the correct format. Increase content visibility and accessibility, content consumption, and improve overall content creation efficiency and productivity. 

Learn more at our blog, or watch this video to get started.