Enabling millions of heroes! Our commitment to your success compels us to constantly improve, innovate and deliver apps that meet your needs today and in the future. This page is designed to make it easier for you to stay up-to-date on the latest product releases and technology advancements from your dedicated ServiceRocket team.

Cloud Releases


There has been a lot of great updates for Scaffolding Cloud- here are some highlights:

  • Starting October 2022, both live templates and field group macros will work on any pages that use the theme solution from K15T ie Scroll Viewport.
  • Migration from Scaffolding server to cloud is one level easier with the introduction of the bulk convert tool. It will be the default option for users so they can attempt to convert multiple macros at one go instead of the previous behavior of users having to convert one page macro at a time.
  • We have also improved behavior of the following
    • Fields group on templates migrate better with newly rolled out fixes.
    • Previously migrated page with Live Templates failed and this has since been fixed.
    • Previously the term to transform a server Scaffolding macro to a cloud macro was migrate, this has since been updated to convert. An example is shown below:


Composition Cloud has been updated with these new features, see https://docs.servicerocket.com/composition/user-guide/creating-a-showcase-with-composition-cloud:

  • Ability to upload image files directly into the Featured Image showcase style dialog box like below. Previously only direct URLs were allowed here.
  • Distinct styles for Showcase cards
    • Featured image- card with featured image from URL or local image file

    • Emoji Icon- card with emoji icon

    • Simple- card with no styling

  • Developers have been working hard to improve TABS functionalities, some customizations have been added to improve ease of usage of this macro.

    • Users can customize position of their Tabs from top to side with a simple change of the Tabs position setting in the editor

    • For users migrating from server to cloud with left side position, their tabs position will remain after migration


Surveys for JSM users can leverage a new “Survey Settings” section, with a more user-friendly UI, a better way to manage multiple languages and customize the survey in just a few steps.


Linking Cloud's incoming and outgoing link editor has been updated to improve your user experience. You now have the additional option to filter links by labels easily with search and drop down option. For new customers that have newly migrated from server to cloud, your labels will be retained in the editor. Here are some additional feature updates for Linking Cloud:

  • We have added a feature to preview results of outgoing links in the macro editor.
  • An alert will remind you if there are unsaved changes in Incoming & Outgoing Links macro.
  • Internal links that were previously not appearing in Outgoing Link macro list, now works fine.


New Capabilities in the Connector for Salesforce & Jira Cloud 

  • Integrate multiple Jira instances to one Salesforce instance and prevent discrepancies within workflows and prevent data loss
  • Use more robust native reporting capabilities to create saved filters and dashboards with versatile JQL reports. Learn more.

Data Center and Server Releases


Reporting for Confluence (Server and DC) released the Report Cache feature back in April. Several updates have been made since then, including the addition of an information page on the doc site. Learn more.