Enabling millions of heroes! Our commitment to your success compels us to constantly improve, innovate and deliver apps that meet your needs today and in the future. This page is designed to make it easier for you to stay up-to-date on the latest product releases and technology advancements from your dedicated ServiceRocket team.


Scaffolding For Confluence Cloud now boasts of valuable feature rollouts : 

  • The Field Group macro now has a full-screen editor. A bigger canvas to work with, with less distractions.
  • Now you can do a quick insert of fields onto the editor with the shortcut key "/".

  • It will also remind you of unsaved work the next time you accidentally navigating away from your editing flow.
  • More filed type! Now you can use Files List to let users choose files or attachments as part of the content.
  • You can automatically revert form content to an older version, just by restoring the older Confluence page version.

Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud now allows users who have minimum permission of Add/Delete Restrictions permission in a space to create their own secrets. Also, if you have many Secrets in your space, the Secrets list page is now paginated and loads faster.


Marking another great addition to our Salesforce domain portfolio, Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Publisher has been officially released as Beta on the Atlassian Marketplace. It is now possible to publish Confluence content to Salesforce as Knowledge Articles. Better way to streamline your publishing workflow and unify knowledge sources.


Composition Tab for Confluence now supports Confluence's built-in Expand macro. And if you're migrating from Server, the Showcase macro parameters will also be migrated and applied in Cloud.


Connector for Salesforce & Jira now has support for cascading fields for the “Review & Create” feature. Also, you can now export all results from association report, with just one-click!

Get more out of your connector - now you can start onboarding your Legal Team, Marketing Team, On-site Support Team and Inventory Management with our comprehensive guides. Check out the Salesforce integration use cases.


More of our apps have joined the Data Center family! All of these apps undergo rigorous testing for enterprise level performance and scalability, so that you can install them with complete confidence.


Scaffolding Forms & Templates has the new Easy Dynamic Templates, designed to get your teams up and running quickly with the structure and formatting to keep content organized. Rather than creating a new page from scratch, users can choose from predefined Scaffolding templates. Learn more at our blog, or watch this video to get started.

Also, some performance improvement goodness!

  • Improved performance of background tasks such as analytics; and associated background tasks when copying pages or when moving pages with Scaffolding XML. 
  • Administrators can now set the default limit for User Options results.
3Security and Encryption is even more secure now, with major updates to OpenPGP library used for your encryption activities.
3Page Approval for Confluence and PDF export now works better with images. We've got fixes for email notifications and better description for global settings.

Connector for Salesforce & Confluence now tells you if you have erroneous configuration when trying to set up connection to Salesforce.


All of the Confluence apps are compatible with the latest Confluence 7.11.1.
Same goes to our Jira apps, they are all compatible with the latest and greatest Jira version 8.14.1!