What are the differences between Pro and Lite?

What are the differences between Pro and Lite?

Now Comes in Two Flavors

Learndot Pathways now comes in two versions to best cater to all our customers.

LiteFreeGreat for small teams with internal training paths.
ProAvailable for purchaseGreat for teams of any size (from small teams to enterprise companies) who want to deliver and track learning paths internally and externally.

Specific Differences

Pathway and Step descriptions(tick)(tick)

User enrollment and completion(tick)(tick)
User reenrollment(tick)(tick)
Marking steps as Done and Not Done(tick)(tick)
Self-tracking of user progress(tick)(tick)
Pathway sharing(tick)(tick)
Invite other users to enroll(tick)(tick)
Team progress reports(tick)(tick)
Team progress reports with breakdown of Steps(error)(tick)
Anonymous view(error)(tick)

Pathways macro(error)(tick)

Data center support(error)(tick)

Upgrading from Lite to Pro

If you want to upgrade, migrating from Lite to Pro is definitely possible and is detailed in How to Upgrade from the Lite Edition to the Pro Edition?.

Migrating from Pro to Lite is not supported.