This macro allows the user to display all Pathways available in the Confluence instance (depending on their permissions). Only available in Pro version.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription

Title for the list


The title. For the list.

In space



If not specified, the current space is used.
May be one of the following:

  • @self - This space.
  • @all - All spaces, both global and personal.
  • SPACEKEY - Any space key may be specified explicitly.

Matching Pathway title


Include only Pathways that contain certain words in the title (list words separated by a comma).

Show description


Select to show the descriptions of each Pathway.

Show step count


Select to show the total of steps in each Pathway.

Show space name


Select to show the space name of each Pathway.

Show creation date


Select to show the creation date of each Pathway.

Show modified date


Select to show the modified date of each Pathway.

Show enrolled users



Select to show the amount of users who are enrolled in each Pathway.

Show action buttons



Select to show action buttons for each Pathway. Buttons that appear depend on whether the user is enrolled in a Pathway or not.

Buttons will either be Enroll or Continue.

Sort by



Choose to sort the list by the following options:

  • Title
  • Step count
  • Space name
  • Created date
  • Modified date

Reverse sort (descending order)


Sort the Pathway list in descending order by selected column type.

Number of Pathways to display



Number of Pathways to display on each page of results in the table. When the amount of Pathways exceed this number, the macro will automatically paginate the list.

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