Composition Tabs for Confluence Feature Differences

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  • Understand the feature differences (see below) between the application for Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud.

  • Allocate time for a test migration to understand the steps required to migrate data and complete re-configuration.

  • This guide assumes you have successfully migrated your Confluence Server data into Confluence Cloud, per Atlassian's instructions (CCMA).  More Atlassian resources are available here.

Feature Differences

Migration Focus Area





Versioning/LicenseVersion Support

Minimum migratable Version : 5.14.1

Migrate to Composition Tabs Cloud using steps at Migration Path.
LicenseAvailable through both Atlassian Marketplace and ServiceRocket Marketplace.Available through Atlassian Marketplace only. Monthly subscriptions are the default option, however, discounted annual subscriptions are available upon request to our Atlassian Sales team.
Confluence Differences

Integration with other macros

Composition Tabs allows

  • Integration with other macros.
  • Support of nested macros, which means Composition Tabs macros can easily be nested and integrated with other Confluence native macros or any third-party macros

Composition Tabs macros in cloud have the following limitations:

  • Does not support nested macros, which means Composition Tabs macros cannot be placed in a nested container (such as inside an expand macro, etc.)
  • Due to the above, integration with other macro may be difficult.

Macro Differences Overview

Server Macros 

Cloud Macros 

Macros availability

  • Only some macros in  are available in Cloud

  • Look out for icons highlighting how the data will be migrated.
    • (tick)  Available 
    • (error) – Unavailable

    • (warning) – Partially available

  • Migration for the following Composition Tabs macros is possible

    • Migration for Showcase macros works out of the box.
    • Deck of Cards & Card can be migrated after performing the mandatory pre-migration steps
      • These will be converted to Tab Group & Tab (Legacy Editor) macros first
      • Then you can choose to convert to Tabs (New Editor) at a later point
    • Other Composition macros not available in Cloud can still be migrated without data loss, however, the below conditions apply:
      • You may see a blank space where the macros were originally positioned in the documents
      • While these macros do not have any output and the values are ignored in Cloud, all data will be retained. Some of the macros will be coming to Cloud in future releases.
  • Find details of each migratable macro below and the differences in terms of behavior once migrated to cloud

Macro Differences Breakdown

Supported Server Macro

Cloud Macro (Or closest equivalent ) 

Key Differences



Deck of Cards and Cards

  • In Server, Tabbed content is available by calling the Cards macro nested inside Deck of Cards. 
  • Content of each tab will be added inside each Card macro

(warning) Notes about Cloud migration

Tabs, Tab Group and Tab



Parameters available:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image URL
  • Button Text
  • Button Link

Parameters available:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image
  • Emoji
  • Button Text
  • Button
  • Badge

(warning) Notes about Cloud migration

A number of parameters have different names in the Cloud version, but they work the same way as the Server version parameters, Server parameter names will be automatically converted to Cloud parameter names during migration.