Migrating from Scaffolding server to Scaffolding cloud

In this page:

This page outlines the steps to migrate your Scaffolding data from Confluence Server or Data Center to Confluence Cloud. 


Before you start, read and understand the following information:

  • Understand the macro differences and feature differences between Scaffolding for Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud to have an idea about what the data will look like after migration to Cloud.
  • Your Scaffolding Structures and Live Template macros will be migrated automatically along with Confluence data by using the current version of Atlassian's Cloud migration assistant
  • Your Scaffolding app data (Scaffolding XML) will only be migrated with EAP (Early Access Program) /Beta version of Confluence Cloud Migration tool.


    (warning) EAP products are considered as Beta versions of Atlassian Cloud Products and you will first need to sign up for Atlassian's App migrations EAP program. You will then receive more details from Atlassian, including instructions on how to activate the migration feature on your Confluence server.

  • Our next milestones for the Scaffolding Server to Cloud migration path will include: 

    • (warning) Space-wide automatic conversion


At the end of this guide, you will have:

  • Upgraded Scaffolding to version 8.25.0 or above.
  • Prepared the Scaffolding data and templates in Server.
  • Performed the migration using the EAP version of Confluence Cloud Migration tool.
  • Checked and re-configured your Scaffolding data in Confluence Cloud.

These may take a few hours to complete depending on how large your Confluence data is.

Step 1 - Plan out your migration

Follow through with the steps in Step 1 - Plan Out Your Migration (Scaffolding)


  • Find and identify the pages that are using the Scaffolding macros.
  • Prepare the Scaffolding data in Server.
  • (Optional) Prepare a set of test data and a staging instance to perform a pre-migration before performing the production migration.
  • Schedule the migration window.

Step 2 - Proceed with Cloud migration

Follow through with the steps in Step 2 - Proceed with Cloud migration (Scaffolding)


  • Have your Confluence Cloud instance ready.
  • Perform the migration using Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA) tool.

Step 3 - Post-migration Steps

Follow through with the steps in Step 3 - Post-migration Steps (Scaffolding)


  • All pages with Scaffolding macros will arrive with a clickable button "Migrate Scaffolding". Click on this to resume with the migration of the page.
  • Check and compare the results of the migration.

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