Page Approval Global Settings

Some parameters that can be configured as part of the Page Approval macro can be configured globally in Confluence Administration.

Global settings

  1. Go to the Cog Icon > General configuration.

  2. On the General Configuration screen, look in the sidebar and look for Page Approval Configuration.
  3. Click on Page Approval Properties:

  4. The following screen will appear to allow you to control the parameters globally:

Configuring global level Page Approval settings

Additional Page Approval Fields

Configure the default appearance of the macro:

  • Show role field
  • Show comment field
  • Show acknowledgment

Page Approval Notifications

Configure how users are notified about approval events:

  • Notified users
  • Notified actions
  • Notify on approval events
  • Notify on acknowledgment events

Other Page Approval Settings

Configure the default behavior of Page Approval:

  • Fix the list of users when the Users or Acknowledgers parameters are used
  • Unapprove pages when a new user is registered to them (this may happen due to a group membership change, etc.)