Installation and Licensing


You must be:

  • An admin of the Confluence Server instance.

Step 1: Download Page Approval for Confluence

  1. Go to the Cog Icon  > Manage apps.
  2. Click Find new apps.
  3. Search for "Page Approval for Confluence".

  4. Click on Install.

  5. Ensure the app is installed successfully.

Step 2: Obtain a free license for Page Approval for Confluence

    1. Click Try it free and select the Hosting Option.

    2. Once redirected to ServiceRocket Marketplace, enter your SEN Number.

    3. Then click Start to generate the license.

  1. Go to the Cog Icon > General configuration.

  2. In the sidebar, under "Page Approval for Confluence Configuration", click License.

  3. Upload the ServiceRocket License .key file by clicking Choose File.

  4. Click Install.

  5. If your license is valid, it will be displayed under Current License.