Page Approval Space Settings

Page Approval can be added on a space level. This will automatically add the Page Approval content into any page in a given space.

To configure the space level page approval, you must be an administrator or have space admin privileges.

Accessing the Space Level Page Approval Configuration Screen

To set up the space level of page approval:

  1. In the space that you want the macro added, go to Space Tools > Page Approval.

    If there is a page approval macro directly on any page within the space, the page level will take precedence over the space level.


  2. The space level Page Approval configuration screen will appear.

Configuring Space Level Page Approvals

On the space level Page Approval configuration screen, you can configure the settings for all pages in the space. These will be automatically applied and updated to any pages in the space when changes are made.

See the Page Approval macro documentation page for more details on the individual options.

Ignored Pages

There is also an option for Ignored Pages which will allow you to list any pages which will be ignored when adding space-wide page approvals.

For example, if you want every page except for your Home page and your Navigation page to have a space-wide page approval, you would add 'Home, Navigation' into the text box.

You may also use the keyword '@all' to tell the add-on not to add a space-wide page approval to any page. This can be used if you want to select only a few pages which will have a space-configured page approval on them, but have them all use the space settings and update when the space settings are changed.

For example, if you have a space with a few pages that need to have the same page-approval on them, you can turn on space-wide page approval and choose all your settings, using '@all' for ignore pages. Then on the required pages, manually add the Page Approval macro onto these pages, and they will all stay consistent with the same settings as retrieved from the space settings page.

Allow All Macros

An extra option to Allow All Macros is provided at a space level so that individual macro names do not need to be specified.

Please note that this setting will allow any macros that may change content on the page to be used on any page in the space, and that any changes attributed to these macros will not be tracked by Page Approval.