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This quick start guide is aimed for JIRA administrators who want to quickly set up the Salesforce & JIRA Connector on their JIRA instances and to get you syncing a simple JIRA issue with a Salesforce case by the end of this guide. This guide assumes that you have some working knowledge of both JIRA and Salesforce.

This basic guide will guide you through the following processes:

  1. Installing the Salesforce & JIRA Server Connector in JIRA.
  2. Setting up the Connector using the Configuration Wizard with the Remote System Reference option.
  3. Linking JIRA Issues with Salesforce Cases.
  4. Creating a Salesforce Case from within JIRA.

Before We Begin

Remember that this Quick Start Guide is for the Server version of the Salesforce & JIRA Connector.

If you are using the Cloud version of the add-on, you should follow the Salesforce & JIRA Cloud Connector Quick Start Guide.


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Not What You're Looking For?

For information on more advanced topics, consult these pages:

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