This use case involves an integration between Reporting and Comala Workflows. Both add-ons must be installed before proceeding.

Comala Workflows provides a workflow and approval process that serves many different organisations. Using Reporting, sophisticated reports can be built to access and review your Workflow data.

Understanding the Workflow Supplier

The Workflow Supplier created by Comalatech allows you to access Workflow data using Reporting. It is an extension of our existing set of Suppliers

The 3 main objects supplied by the Workflow Supplier are: approvalsstates and tasks. Any page with an existing Workflow will contain these 3 objects. To access the Workflow data associated with each page or space, simply refer to the keys provided by the Workflow Supplier

Fetching data from Workflows

Accessing the Workflow data is the same as any other key. Just refer to the Workflow Supplier to figure out what you would like to report on.

If you are an existing Reporting user, then this should be easy (smile) 


workflow:state>name returns the name of a page's state, this case it's 'In Progress'.

workflow is the prefix, and state is the key. name is the chained key of state.