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  • Our sincere thanks to you on your interest in our product
  • This product resulted from awesome feedback from our Connector for Salesforce & Confluence Cloud customers at our Ideas link requesting a feature to expose Confluence pages into Salesforce Knowledge articles.
  • We want to help organizations that use both Atlassian and Salesforce as well as needing to streamline both knowledge base processes.
    • We now bridge customers that use Atlassian products for development efforts but use Salesforce for our Support, Partner, and customer communities and ticketing systems.
    • With this system, information flow silos and struggles were identified as good challenges we can help with.
    • Useful technical details around known issues or common support steps usually stay only at internal Confluence environments, but now these can reach Salesforce Knowledge Base so all potential stakeholders can access it.
    • The knowledge writers in Confluence do not need access to Salesforce to create articles using our add-on. 
    • Similarly, Salesforce agents do not need access/license to browse articles in Confluence

  • We are coming up with a simple, yet powerful app that allows confluence pages to be expose as Salesforce Knowledge articles

    • All the articles brought over to Salesforce will appear as native Salesforce Articles, which means it can go through all the established knowledge management process at Salesforce
    • Articles then appear in Salesforce as Draft and will go through the existing Salesforce approval process
    • Topics & Categories can be added so they can appear in the Customer Community portal
    • They will appear in Knowledge Sidebar when a related case was created.
  • We have an initial Beta release of the product for you to try for free. 
  • Up next, we strive to continuously improve this product by listening to your ideas and use case
    • Click the list of the available improvement request at our Ideas site
      • Feel free to vote/comment on the available improvement ticket there with your use cases!
    • Please fill up this survey link here and leave us your email, if you want to chat with us directly