(warning) This macro is currently not available on Cloud.

This will create a page which is an alias for the current page.

More than one alias macro may exist on a single page.


NameRequiredAvailable InDefault ValueDescription




The name for the alias. This must be a valid page name.




no parent

Specifies what the parent page will be for the alias.

This may be any page in the current space, or one of the following:

  • @self - The current page
  • @parent - The current page's parent

Editor View


  • You can only specify an alias within the current space.
  • If a page already exists with the alias' name, the page will be left unchanged.
  • If the alias specified is already an alias for a different page, an error message will be displayed and the alias will be unchanged.
  • If you rename a page with aliases, the alias pages will continue to work.
  • Up until 3.0.0, if you change the alias name on the original page, the old alias will still exist. It must be deleted manually.
  • To edit or delete an alias, add '?redirect=false' to the URL manually.