This will redirect the browser to the specified page or URL.

The screenshot below shows the Cloud version.


NameRequiredAvailable InDefault ValueDescription



Server, Cloud

Specifies the Confluence content or URL to redirect to. For example:

  • Another Page^attachment.ext (Server version only. To redirect to an attachment on the Cloud version, use the Confluence Attachment parameter instead.)

Confluence Attachment



The attachment to redirect to, which belongs to the specified Location.



Server, Cloud

0 (Server), 5 (Cloud)

The number of seconds to delay before redirecting the browser.



Server, Cloud


Select whether the information panel should be visible to the user or not.

Editor View


  • This macro does not keep track of whether the page being redirected to has had its name changed.
  • To edit a page which redirects instantly, add '?redirect=false' to the URL manually.
  • This macro uses JavaScript to redirect, so browsers with JavaScript turned off will have to click through manually.
  • On the Cloud platform, some browsers (e.g., Chrome) may attempt to block the redirect. If this happens, you will need to click the Pop-up Blocked icon in the address bar and configure the browser to always allow redirects for your Confluence site.

Tutorial Examples