Local Reporter


Allows reporting on the current page or reported item.

This reporter will display the contents of any sub-item of either the current item or that specified by the source parameter, identified using the prefix:key value.

If it is used in a top-level report on a page, the current page will be the default source.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription

[default] /key


Server, Data Center

Current page

The key chain value to report on.



Server, Data Center

The location to report on. A standard Confluence content link.

e.g.: My Page, ^attachment.ext, etc.



Server, Data Center


If set to false, content matching with any of the criteria will be returned. Otherwise, the content must match all criteria. 

Editor View


This macro was formerly known as the current-item-reporter, but was expanded and renamed in Reporting 1.2.

Tutorial Examples