Report Block


This plugin will display the report results in a series of blocks.

The user can specify whether the plugin will separate each item with a character (e.g. a comma, a hyphen, etc.) or a completely new paragraph.

Displays the each of the items from a reporter in a block of wiki text.

A report block must contain two things:

  1. A reporter macro (such as Content Reporter or User Reporter), which finds the list of items to report on, and
  2. A Report Body macro, which contains the wiki code which will be executed for each item. It may also optionally include a Report Empty macro, which specifies what will be displayed if no items are returned from the reporter.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription



Server, Data Center


The maximum number of results to display.



Server, Data Center


(Since 2.0.0) Specify the number of the first result to start displaying in the report. The first item has a number of 1.



Server, Data Center


(Since 1.3) If the item has children, the depth do display its descendants. May be all for all descendants, or a whole number value above 0.



Server, Data Center


The type of separator to display between each item. May be one of the following:

  • bracket - Square brackets ('[', ']') surrounding each item.
  • brace - Braces ('{', '}') surrounding each item.
  • comma - A comma (',') between each item.
  • paren - Parentheses ('(', ')') surrounding each item.
  • pipe - A pipe ('|') between each item.
  • newline - A line break after each item.
  • "custom" - Any other value you wish, specified between quotes.



Server, Data Center


(Since 2.0.0) If true, the report bodies will have any ''%prefix:keychain%'' values injected with values from the current report item prior to being rendered.


* It is a good practice to set the Injection to true at on {report header}, {report body}, {report footer}, or {report column}, instead on the highest level of the report.

Editor View



User profile cards

This example will display the user profile as a set of cards, filling the screen from left to right, wrapping where necessary.

This makes use of the float macro from the Composition Plugin.

   {text-sort:user:full name}

{report-image:user:picture|width=16px|height=16px} *{report-info:user:full name}*
*Username:* {report-info:user:name}
*Email:* {report-info:user:email|link=true}
*Homepage:* {report-link:user:url}Link{report-link}
*Groups:* {report-info:user:groups}


Keychain Injection

Output the title and excerpt of each child page. This uses injection to put data into places the report-info macro can't go, such as inside a link markup or as parameters for other macros.


h2. [%content:title%|%content:title%|Visit the page]
%content:excerpt > render wiki%


Tutorial Examples