Report Body


This macro contains the wiki code which will be executed for each item of the surrounding report.

It is used by the Report Block and Report List macros. It will usually contain one or more uses of the Report Info macro to display reported values.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription



Server, Data Center


If set to true, the body will be have any whitespace at the beginning or end trimmed before being displayed. 



Server, Data Center


(Since 2.0.0) If set to true, the body will have any '%prefix:keychain%' values injected with values from the current report item prior to being rendered. 

Editor View


Quick Examples

List the Children of the Current Page


{content-reporter:scope=@self > children}



Keychain Injection

Output the title and excerpt of each child page. As you can see, you can mix injected properties and standard calls.

h2. %content:title%


Conditional Display

From Reporting 2 onwards report-body can be displayed conditionally based on filters (e.g. text-filter). This is done by putting any filters the current item must match immediately before the report-body definition. For example:


{report-body}This is always output.{report-body}

{report-body}Only children who's title starts with FOO and were created by Bob will have this displayed.{report-body}

{report-body}This is always output too.{report-body}


Tutorial Examples