Report Column


Displays a single column in a Report Table.

This macro will usually contain at least one use of the Report Info macro, or another macro which displays information about the current item being reported on.


NameRequiredAvailable InDefault ValueDescription



The title header to display



The width of the column.

e.g.: "50px", "20em".



The type of summary to display at the end of this column.

May be one of:

  • sum - The sum total of all numbers in the column.
  • count - The number of non-blank values in the column.
  • average - The average of all numbers in the column.
  • stats - (Since 3.2.0) Gives access to all stats.

See summaryFormat for details.

Note that for all of the above parameters (except count), you MUST specify the summaryValue for the value that you wish to calculate the statistics for.



The key chain value for the column summary, or plain text to display if the 'summaryType' is not set for this column.

e.g. "data:My Number", or "content:children > collection:size".

The summary value key can be completely unrelated to what is displaying in the column, if so desired.



The number format to use for the summary.

e.g.: "$#,##0.00".

(Since 3.2.0) If summaryType is stats, you can specify a %keychain% value here to output custom stats based on the Stats object.

e.g.: "Sum: %stats:sum%; Avg: %stats:value average%" 




(Since 3.2.0) The number of columns that this column should span across. 




(Since 2.0.0) If set to true, the body will have any '%prefix:keychain%' values injected with values from the current report item prior to being rendered. 




(Since 3.2.0) The number of rows that this column should span down.




(Since 3.2.0) If true, a new row will be started with this column. This is most useful in conjunction with colSpan and rowSpan.



(Since 3.2.0) The CSS class(es) to add to this column.

Editor View



Keychain Injection

Output the title and excerpt of each child page.




Spanning Rows and Columns

Sometimes it's useful to have a column take up more space, or have two values one below the other. Using colSpan, rowSpan and newRow can help with more complex table layouts.

The example below will render the title on one row, the body on the next (spanning two rows itself) and the "Creator" and "Modifier" details on the right-hand side in two separate cells. Note the use of the class parameter on some columns to allow custom styling for those cells.



{report-column:title=Creator|class=MyInfo}Created by {report-info:creator|link=true} @ {report-info:creation date|format=d MMM, yy h:mm a}{report-column}

{report-column:title=Modifier|newRow=true|class=MyInfo}Last post by {report-info:modifier|link=true} @ {report-info:modification date|format=d MMM, yy h:mm a}{report-column}

{report-empty}_No results are currently available._{report-empty}


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