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This macro outputs specific information about an item being reported on.

When used in a report, it will report on the current item. When used outside a report, it will report on the current page by default, or the content referred to by the source parameter.

It can handle regular text, dates, numbers, booleans (true/false) and lists, as well as any other object which has a default value specified in a Supplier.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription



Server, Data Center

The key chain to retrieve for the item.

A key chain is a list of prefix:key values separated by ">" characters.

e.g.:content:creator > user:nameSee the Suppliers for Reporting page for more details on what options are available. 



Server, Data Center


If set to true and the current item/key has a URL link, the text generated will be linked to that URL.



Server, Data Center

The source to retrieve information for.

By default, this will be the current report item if in a report, or the current page if not in a report.

May be "@self" (the current page) or a link to other content (e.g.: "SPACEKEY:Page Name", "PageName^attachment.ext").



Server, Data Center

The date (eg. 'dd MMM, yyyy') or number (eg. '#,##0.00') format to display the item in.

This will only be used if the data is a date or a number, respectively. Otherwise, it will be ignored.



Server, Data Center


If set to wiki, the generated text will be rendered as wiki text. Otherwise, it will be output as written.

info (Hover Text)


Server, Data Center

(Since 3.4.0) The text which will be displayed when the user hovers their mouse over the link. 



Server, Data Center


The type of separator to display between each item, if the key value pointed to is a collection of other items. May be one of the following: 

  • bracket - Square brackets ('[', ']') surrounding each item.
  • brace - Braces ('{', '}') surrounding each item.
  • comma - A comma (',') between each item.
  • paren - Parentheses ('(', ')') surrounding each item.
  • pipe - A pipe ('|') between each item.
  • newline - A line break after each item.
  • "custom" - Any other character you wish, specified between quotes.



Server, Data Center

The contents of this parameter will be used if the item/key is empty. It will be rendered as wiki text.

Alternately, the body of the macro can also be used, if more complex wiki text is required.

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