Report Link


Displays the specified key value as a link.

It is assumed that the item/key value is an absolute or server-relative link. If not, the prefix and postfix parameters can be used to prepend or append extra values to the URL.


NameRequiredAvailable InDefault ValueDescription

[default] /key


The key chain value to use as the link URL.

info (Hover Text)


The text which will be displayed when the user hovers their mouse over the link.

trim (Trim URL Whitespace)



If set to false, the URL will not be trimmed.

postfix (URL Postfix)


The item to append to the item/key value in the link.

prefix (URL Prefix)


The text to prepend to the item/key value in the link.



The target frame to open the link in. May be any standard HTML target.



The wiki markup to output if the specified item/key has no value.

Editor View


This will create a link to the current page's parent page, if it has one.

{report-link:content:parent > content:url|default=_This page has no parent._}View parent page{report-link}

Tutorial Examples