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Sets the report item context to the item/key value specified.

This is useful when you wish to display several key values from a sub-item of the item currently being reported on. For example, you may wish to display the full name and email address of the current page's last modifier:

Last Modifier: {report-info:user:full name|link=true} ({report-info:user:email|link=true})

Also, it will automatically loop multiple values if the supplied key is a collection or iterator, rendering the contents against each item.


NameRequiredAvailable InMigratable to Cloud?Default ValueDescription

[default] /key


Server, Data Center


The key value to display. Defaults to @self (Since 2.0.0).



Server, Data Center


(Since 2.0.0) If set to true, the body will have any '%prefix:keychain%' values injected with values from the current item prior to being rendered.

If the current value being reported on is a collection, the injection will happen on each collection item as it is processed. 



Server, Data Center

The contents of this parameter will be used if the item/key is empty. It will be rendered as wiki text.

Alternately, the body of macro can also be used, if more complex wiki text is required.



Server, Data Center


If the item/key points to a list of results, the type of separator to display between each item. May be one of the following:

  • bracket - Square brackets ('[', ']') surrounding each item.
  • brace - Braces ('{', '} ') surrounding each item.
  • comma - A comma (',') between each item.
  • paren - Parentheses ('(', ')') surrounding each item.
  • pipe - A pipe ('|') between each item.
  • newline - A line break after each item.
  • "custom" - Any other character you wish, specified between quotes.



Server, Data Center

If false, the whitespace at the beginning and end of the body will not be removed. 

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